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End of the World Movies

Now that we know that the Mayans were wrong and the world is not going to end / change in some drastic way, we can celebrate! What better way to celebrate than watching some movies that deal with the end of the world /Judgement day/Armageddon , what ever you want to call it. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

2012 - As I type this , 2012 is actually on television. This 2009 film starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet is one hell of a special effects movie. Now it can be filed under comedy I suppose, but its still an entertaining movie to just shut your brain off and enjoy it for what it is.

Ghostbusters - Might seem like an odd choice but the main villain of the film, Gozer is summoned to bring about the end of the world, so it counts! The cast is a perfect combination of actors , all feeding and playing off one another making this one of the best films of the 1980's if not of all time.

I Am Legend - Not so much a film about the end of the world as it is about the end of humani…

Film Review: Darkman

While searching the local Walmart to see if there were any good movies on the cheap, I found the Darkman trilogy for only 5 dollars. Darkman was one of those films I grew up seeing my brother watch and think "that's lame" then I'd go about my business. As I got older I began to look at films differently and let me tell you this film is a gem in my opinion.

First let me say that Sam Raimi did an amazing job with the film. Its even based on a short story of his. Since the studio was unable to secure the rights to the shadow or batman, Raimi made his own superhero. While it may not be as well known as Spiderman or The Flash, this film and its sequels have gained quite a cult following over the years.

While there are obvious parallels to films like Robocop, its more of an homage than rip off from what I've seen. The story is fairly basic but effective. Dr. Peyton Westlake is a scientist working on a technique to synthesize skin and is on the verge of a major breakth…

Fun Halloween movies part 2

Part two of my favorite Films to watch during the Halloween season. Just a reminder these are in not particular order.

Recap from part one - Elvira Mistress of the Dark , Monster squad, Leprechaun and Hocus Pocus.

Freddy vs Jason-Now here is a movie that really had an interesting premise, what happens when two titans of terror go head to head? who will win and who will lose? well the fans won with what I feel was a good film. Sure it wasn't the end all be all bad ass fight we were hoping for but it was fun to watch. Watching the two horror legends go at it made for one hell of a fun time and it makes me sad we never got a sequel or saw any spin offs.

The George Romero "Dead" Trilogy-The three films, "Night of the Living Dead" , "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the dead" are 3 of the best zombie movies ever made. They focus more on the people than the Zombies for the most part, but they are always a looming threat. That's not to say that the…

Fun Halloween movies part 1

Halloween is a fun time of year , for those young and old. You can have costume parties and take the kids trick or treating , and just have a great time over all. Personally one of the things i love to do this time of year is watch "scary" movies as well as some older favorites from my youth. So here's my List of my favorite films to watch this time of year (in no order).

 Elvira Mistress of the Dark - At first glance from the cover and poster for the movie , it appears to be a soft-core porn flick. In reality its really a great mix of cheesy horror and comedy. The plot is very basic and the acting isn't anything to brag about, but it doesn't stop the film from being entertaining. Definitely recommend for any fans of films that have a dark sense of humor.

Monster Squad - This is one of those films which could have been very, very bad.Thankfully it turned out great! I remember watching this movie when I was younger and thinking of how awesome it was. While technic…

Brainsmasher:a love story - Review

One night I was browsing the selection of new comedies on Netflix, and this popped up. At first I didn't know what to think, it has Teri Hatcher and Andrew dice clay as the main characters.This is one of those "opposites attract" type films, which were really popular in the late 80's and early 90's but unlike most of the pairs in those films Dice and Hatcher actually have chemistry together.

The plot, as outlandish as it is was fairly entertaining. The story goes that there is a mystical flower that a botanist finds and sends to her sister to bring to her. Her sister (Teri Hatcher) brings her the flower , but doesnt give it to her as its hidden outside, claiming she "forgot it". Well her sister didnt mention that there were monks, who everyone refers to as ninjas (the big running joke of the film), who want the flower for its ability to unlock "the ultimate power". She escapes with her sister, they split up and she runs into andrew dice clay …

Film Review: Night of The Living Dead (1990)

Plot : The plot of the film isn't changed too much from that of the original. The basic premise is that there is a group of 7 people in a farm house , struggling to survive the night. Instead of banding together to survive they're split into two different groups : Harry Cooper and everyone else. Harry wants to hide in the basement and the others , Barbara, Ben, Tom,Judy and even Harry's wife Helen want to be upstairs and try to escape as soon as they can.

As humans do , the characters begin to argue , and start losing their fight for survival. In the end only Barbara survives the ordeal as everyone else either gets killed by stupidity or zombies or in Harry's case by anger and revenge from Barbara.

Review - When I first started getting into the zombie film genre, I always heard about the George Romero Classic "Night of the Living Dead". So to my surprise it wasn't until long after seeing the original that I actually learned of this remake.  This is one of…

Review of "Chasing Ghosts"

I was a big fan of the movie "King of Kong : a fist full of quarters". It was a movie that really showed how big the rivalry was over the Donkey Kong world record. Its also a movie about the little guy going after his dream , seeing him fight and claw to overthrow the , at the time , current record holder. The man chasing the dream was Steve Wiebe , and the villain of the story so to speak was Billy Mitchell.

"Chasing Ghosts : Beyond the arcade" is a different type of movie. While yes it does show the competitive nature of gaming , it focuses more on the arcade scene as a whole. From the boom of its popularity , to its untimely demise. For some people , like myself who were born after the big arcade era , this is an interesting way to look back and see how gaming used to be.
The movie focuses on the select group of gamers that held world records with Twin Galaxies as well as the establishment of Twin Galaxies , and Walter Day as official game score keepers. Get…

Movie Review : Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse is your typical Syfy quality movie, nothing outstanding , but it has the possibility to be entertaining. Starting in the most vague of ways , it begins with three people walking from the woods into an abandoned town. these three characters are Ramona , Billy and Kevin played by Taryn Manning , Eddie Steeples and Gerald Webb. They are soon joined by Henry, Julien, Mack and Cassie who are played by Ving Rhames, Johnny Pacar, Gary Weeks and Lesley-ann Brandt.
The plot is pretty standard fare , bunch of survivors in a land where the dead walk trying to make their way to a safe haven , Catalina island in this case. Over the course of their journey , the characters really do nothing to make you get attatched to them until about the half way point. This is a major flaw with any movie , if you dont care about the people IN the movie , why even bother to watch it? I pressed on , cause I'm a sucker for crappy movies!
Along the way there are several refuge points setup , …