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Review of "Chasing Ghosts"

I was a big fan of the movie "King of Kong : a fist full of quarters". It was a movie that really showed how big the rivalry was over the Donkey Kong world record. Its also a movie about the little guy going after his dream , seeing him fight and claw to overthrow the , at the time , current record holder. The man chasing the dream was Steve Wiebe , and the villain of the story so to speak was Billy Mitchell.

"Chasing Ghosts : Beyond the arcade" is a different type of movie. While yes it does show the competitive nature of gaming , it focuses more on the arcade scene as a whole. From the boom of its popularity , to its untimely demise. For some people , like myself who were born after the big arcade era , this is an interesting way to look back and see how gaming used to be.
The movie focuses on the select group of gamers that held world records with Twin Galaxies as well as the establishment of Twin Galaxies , and Walter Day as official game score keepers. Get…

Movie Review : Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse is your typical Syfy quality movie, nothing outstanding , but it has the possibility to be entertaining. Starting in the most vague of ways , it begins with three people walking from the woods into an abandoned town. these three characters are Ramona , Billy and Kevin played by Taryn Manning , Eddie Steeples and Gerald Webb. They are soon joined by Henry, Julien, Mack and Cassie who are played by Ving Rhames, Johnny Pacar, Gary Weeks and Lesley-ann Brandt.
The plot is pretty standard fare , bunch of survivors in a land where the dead walk trying to make their way to a safe haven , Catalina island in this case. Over the course of their journey , the characters really do nothing to make you get attatched to them until about the half way point. This is a major flaw with any movie , if you dont care about the people IN the movie , why even bother to watch it? I pressed on , cause I'm a sucker for crappy movies!
Along the way there are several refuge points setup , …