Thursday, March 22, 2012

Movie Review : Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse is your typical Syfy quality movie, nothing outstanding , but it has the possibility to be entertaining. Starting in the most vague of ways , it begins with three people walking from the woods into an abandoned town. these three characters are Ramona , Billy and Kevin played by Taryn Manning , Eddie Steeples and Gerald Webb. They are soon joined by Henry, Julien, Mack and Cassie who are played by Ving Rhames, Johnny Pacar, Gary Weeks and Lesley-ann Brandt.

The plot is pretty standard fare , bunch of survivors in a land where the dead walk trying to make their way to a safe haven , Catalina island in this case. Over the course of their journey , the characters really do nothing to make you get attatched to them until about the half way point. This is a major flaw with any movie , if you dont care about the people IN the movie , why even bother to watch it? I pressed on , cause I'm a sucker for crappy movies!

Along the way there are several refuge points setup , the one they go to is a nearby high school.
Well the saftey zone isnt so safe to say the least. The weird thing that the zombies do is they seem to set a trap for the people coming in. Zombies are really not known for being able to do complex things like this in movies , so it was unusual to see.

Leading up to the finale, Our band of survivors meets a group of other survivors who are known as "the archers" seems to be an obvious choice for a name since they wield crossbows and bows and kill zombies with , you guessed it , arrows. Anyway they get split up and head into the city , and this is quite possibly where the movies biggest consistency issues pop up. There is a scene where the archers , who are now with Ramona , Julien and Mack say "we need to conserve arrows , if you can safely do so , retrieve them!" ....Well they kill three zombies , run right on by them without picking the arrows out of them.

The next , and more outlandish issue is after Henry and Cassie come across an abandoned military post. They find and take a turret gun , in a shopping cart of all things with 10 or so rounds of ammunition. They fire off about 25-35 shots with this...and the digital effects for the .

All in all , nothing really spectacular from this one , but if you're a fan of Zombie movies , or just bad movies in general you might want to check it out.

Final grade : C-

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