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Film Review: Night of The Living Dead (1990)

Plot : The plot of the film isn't changed too much from that of the original. The basic premise is that there is a group of 7 people in a farm house , struggling to survive the night. Instead of banding together to survive they're split into two different groups : Harry Cooper and everyone else. Harry wants to hide in the basement and the others , Barbara, Ben, Tom,Judy and even Harry's wife Helen want to be upstairs and try to escape as soon as they can.

As humans do , the characters begin to argue , and start losing their fight for survival. In the end only Barbara survives the ordeal as everyone else either gets killed by stupidity or zombies or in Harry's case by anger and revenge from Barbara.

Review - When I first started getting into the zombie film genre, I always heard about the George Romero Classic "Night of the Living Dead". So to my surprise it wasn't until long after seeing the original that I actually learned of this remake.  This is one of…