Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brainsmasher:a love story - Review

One night I was browsing the selection of new comedies on Netflix, and this popped up. At first I didn't know what to think, it has Teri Hatcher and Andrew dice clay as the main characters.This is one of those "opposites attract" type films, which were really popular in the late 80's and early 90's but unlike most of the pairs in those films Dice and Hatcher actually have chemistry together.

The plot, as outlandish as it is was fairly entertaining. The story goes that there is a mystical flower that a botanist finds and sends to her sister to bring to her. Her sister (Teri Hatcher) brings her the flower , but doesnt give it to her as its hidden outside, claiming she "forgot it". Well her sister didnt mention that there were monks, who everyone refers to as ninjas (the big running joke of the film), who want the flower for its ability to unlock "the ultimate power". She escapes with her sister, they split up and she runs into andrew dice clay , a bouncer known as "Brain smasher" and this is where the film takes off.

The action is pretty decent for what it is, with Dice's character being a bouncer and being more of a street fighter vs the martial arts used by the monks. It's explained that Dice's character, Ed Molloy, doesn't like to use guns sayings "theres no honor in it". So he takes on the monks hand to hand and it leads to some fairly decent fight scenes. Nothing too spectacular but it gets the job done for the film and doesn't hold it back.

where this film really shines in my opinion is Dice's delivery of jokes. For a comedy with a standup comedian in it , thats the one thing you would expect to work , and it does.The one liners, and how he interacts with his parents alone are funny as hell. Sure the rest of the dialog and interaction between dice and hatcher is corny, but even at its worst I found it to be fairly entertaining.

My only real complaint with the film was its over use of the "tossing the guy through a door" stunt. I know most action / martial arts films use this cliche, but damn there were so many fake doors in this film that they threw people thought that I'd swear they got some kinda deal on em or just stumbled on a warehouse full of em. They aren't even the good kind of "fake doors" they are clearly made of light weight balsa wood.

Overall this film is fairly decent for what it is: a B movie romantic comedy. Sure the acting isn't Oscar worthy and the dialog is extremely corny, but if you're looking for a good cheesy 80s comedy with plenty of action , you cant go wrong with Brain Smasher.

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