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Brainsmasher:a love story - Review

One night I was browsing the selection of new comedies on Netflix, and this popped up. At first I didn't know what to think, it has Teri Hatcher and Andrew dice clay as the main characters.This is one of those "opposites attract" type films, which were really popular in the late 80's and early 90's but unlike most of the pairs in those films Dice and Hatcher actually have chemistry together.

The plot, as outlandish as it is was fairly entertaining. The story goes that there is a mystical flower that a botanist finds and sends to her sister to bring to her. Her sister (Teri Hatcher) brings her the flower , but doesnt give it to her as its hidden outside, claiming she "forgot it". Well her sister didnt mention that there were monks, who everyone refers to as ninjas (the big running joke of the film), who want the flower for its ability to unlock "the ultimate power". She escapes with her sister, they split up and she runs into andrew dice clay …