Fun Halloween movies part 2

Part two of my favorite Films to watch during the Halloween season. Just a reminder these are in not particular order.

Recap from part one - Elvira Mistress of the Dark , Monster squad, Leprechaun and Hocus Pocus.

Freddy vs Jason-Now here is a movie that really had an interesting premise, what happens when two titans of terror go head to head? who will win and who will lose? well the fans won with what I feel was a good film. Sure it wasn't the end all be all bad ass fight we were hoping for but it was fun to watch. Watching the two horror legends go at it made for one hell of a fun time and it makes me sad we never got a sequel or saw any spin offs.

The George Romero "Dead" Trilogy-The three films, "Night of the Living Dead" , "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the dead" are 3 of the best zombie movies ever made. They focus more on the people than the Zombies for the most part, but they are always a looming threat. That's not to say that there isn't plenty of gore, especially in "Day" which has some of the best special effects of any horror film zombie, or otherwise. It should be mentioned that they did do remakes of these films. The only two that are worth watching in my opinion are the "Night of the Living dead" remake helmed by Tom Savini, the special effects guy for Dawn and Day. The other is the Zack Snyder directed "Dawn of the dead" which was more about gore than the original , but still had solid story telling none the less.

Fright Night - Ah the 80's classic. Fright Night was one of the first films that made vampires seem "sexier" Casting Chris Sarandon as "Jerry Dandridge", the vampire of the film did just that. The plot is thrilling with great moments and the film is extremely entertaining to watch. The characters are all interesting and dynamic in their own ways, but Chris Sarandon stole the show in my opinion. Able to be charming one minute, then a vicious monster the next showed great depth on his part.

Killer Klowns from outer space - I remember seeing bits of this film as a kid . It never really struck me as being scary as much as it was funny. Seeing as its designated as a horror comedy , my judgement was right on the mark. A crazy story filled with some outlandish events and one crazy cast of characters . Killer Klowns will make you laugh and shock you at the same time , great film for this time of year.

Army of Darkness- The third film in the "Evil Dead" trilogy took the series back to medieval times. AoD continues the story of Ash, who finds him self being sucked into a portal which transports him back in time. The only way to return to his time is a spell which is hidden in the Necronomicon. Ash embarks on a quest to retrieve the book, but doesn't complete the actions as told and unleashes an evil army upon the earth. This one has tons of action and comedy , and that signature style of director Sam Raimi. Not to mention the acting talents of the legendary Bruce Campbell who reprises the role of Ash once again.

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