Film Review: Season of The Witch

Season of the Witch is an interesting example of a movie that tries a little too much in some areas and not enough in others.Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman star as the two knights, Behmen and Felson in this fairly decent Fantasy/ Action film. Most people would write it off at first glance, but is it worth a second look?


The plot of the film is pretty basic. The knights Behmaen and Felson are tasked with leading a group transporting a prisoner accused of practicing witchcraft to a monastery to be judged guilty or innocent.

 The plot wasn't bad considering how basic it was, and the fact that it dealt with the plague made it more interesting. It could have tweaked a few things here or there to keep it interesting all the way through , specifically in the middle of the film , but over all not bad..

Things really picked up in the last 40 minutes , so the conclusion more than made up for the one or two dull bits , which were less than 10 minutes total.


The acting was the driving force for this film, though it did rely a little to much on the surroundings to tell you how to feel as opposed to the actors making you feel that way.. What kept me going was Ron Perlman's performance. He gave his character some personality in my view as opposed to Nic Cage who.....seemed to be playing Nic Cage....with a sword.

The girl charged of witchcraft is played by Claire Foy. For a relative new comer, she showed great talent and took over many scenes with her acting ability and presence on the screen.

The supporting performers are good as well , even down to the littlest part. They really assisted in setting the tone of dread where it was needed over the course of the film .

What I liked :
The settings for this film were amazing, what really set them off were the effects added to them. For instance in the scenes in the forest , the added fog and gray skies really took the settings to another level and added to the feel of the scenes making them that much more darker and more intense.

What I disliked:
My only real gripe with this film is the cliche that is Nic Cage's character. He feels a need to save the girl to some how atone for his past sins during the crusades. He seeks to complete this mission as a means of redemption as opposed to saving millions of lives and ending the plague. This is a stereotype I see often in films like this, so it was a negative for the film.

This really isn't a horrible film, but its not an outstanding one either. While better than your average Syfy channel film, it wasn't as good of film such as "Black Death" for example. Black death, which had a similar plot dealing with the plague, had more intense acting from everyone and overall made you more emotionally invested in the characters

Nevertheless, I found it entertaining for what it is, and its a decent film that you may like if you're looking for a little bit of action of the fantasy variety.

Final Grade : B

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