Films based on 1980's TV shows

Television shows turning full length feature films is nothing new, and has been done successfully on a few occasions. TV shows from the 1980s seem to be the ones most people are interested in seeing become films as that era seems to be hitting a nostalgia boom right now. So, can 80s TV shows transition into good films now? lets take a look at three examples.

Great: 21 jump street: I had never seen the original show , but knew the basic concept of the series. Taking this premise and giving it a face lift for a new generation could have gone either way. In my opinion at least , it turned out great. the actors fit their roles well and had chemistry together. The updated plot , which still revolved around undercover cops posing as students to bust a drug ring made sense and kept with the times. Overall not a bad movie

Good: The A-Team: Now the A Team was a movie I had looked forward to for a LONG time . I remember hearing everything from an all new cast taking over the roles,  to the original cast , minus George Peppard returning. So when this film was finally coming out I was excited , and for the most part it didn't disappoint. I had only one problem with it. Bradly Cooper was f*cking annoying in this film. I don't know what it is about him , but i hated him in this movie. Really this film wasn't horrible, but it didn't feel like the A-Team. Still good for a fun action movie though.

Horrible- Miami Vice: On paper, this film had a lot going for it. Colin Farrell as "Sonny" Crockett and Jamie Foxx as Tubbs seemed like good casting. Unfortunately the rest of the film was so bad that it seems little to no thought went into it. The film just dragged on and on and you lose interest in the plot rather fast. This is a case of taking a good idea and screwing it up.

TV shows I'd like to see become films

Airwolf : Given the current state of our world and all the different battles being fought , I feel Airwolf could be brought into this century and still be relevant. This film could be a real throwback to the 1980s where its an action film with a decent plot. It would be amazing what they could do with the concept of a high tech helicopter with today's technology.

Greatest American Hero: With all of the superhero films that have done HUGE business, I'm kind of surprised this one hasn't been revived. Sure its not exactly a traditional superhero film , but with its blend of comedy and action , in the hands of the right crew and with the right cast, it could be a great film.

Knight Rider: One of , if not the TV show people think about when you say talk about the 80s , Knight Rider was an incredible show that blended good story telling with awesome action. While 2 made for TV films (knight rider 2010 doesn't count) and a sudo-relaunch in the mid 90's with Team knight Rider and again in the 2008 Knight Rider have been made , they no where near captured the magic. Sadly with the downturn in the economy you cant have a true update since Pontiac is no more.

All in all, I do believe that it is possible for films based on 80s television shows to not only be good , but also do big numbers, which Hollywood loves.  As long as they're given the time , and the right team working on it, just like with any film, it can turn out to be a good product.

If you can think of any other films based on 80s shows that were great / good / horrible, or have any shows that you would love to see get the films treatment, let me know in the comments section

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