Review: Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

I recently discovered the Trailer Park Boys series on Netflix. I had seen it on there previously , but didn't think it looked interesting enough . That was a very bad choice on my part since this was an outstanding , funny and original television show. After hearing they made a few movies I knew I had to see and review both of them , so here's my review of Trailer Park Boys: The movie.

Plot:Fresh out of jail, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles plan their dumbest scheme yet: get rich by stealing tons of change. But the crime won't be easy as the trio runs up against strippers, helicopters, gunfights and more.

Thoughts: While the Film really didn't do anything really different from the show concerning the plot, that was actually a good thing. The TV show never really focused  on the plot so much as the characters and this bare bones approach worked in the movie. Just enough plot to keep you interested , but never too much where it slows down the film.

Acting: Nearly every character from the show was played by the same actor in the film, the only exception being Lucy and Ricky's daughter trinity who is now played by Lydia Lawson- Baird. The actors did a great job , even down to the minor parts and extras. The three main actors Robb Wells (Ricky), John Paul Tremblay ( Julian) and  Mike Smith (Bubbles) all did outstanding work and really showed what they could do with a full length movie. Most of the movies I've seen based on TV shows tend to run thin on entertainment , but these three stayed entertaining for the duration.

What I liked: While it didn't do anything new , that's a good thing. Most movies that are based on a popular television series tend to change too much or deviate too far from the source material. I'm glad the film stuck to what it did best as a television show instead of going over the top with some huge plot or trying to go in a different direction and possibly harming the film.

I also like that you don't necessarily have to have seen the show previously, to understand the film or its characters.

What I disliked : The only thing that bothered me about this movie was the continuity errors. Some very minor things from the show were forgotten / ignored , and this is just a personal pet peeve of mine. I'm sure this being a lot of peoples first exposure to the series was a factor in this , and some of it was used as a plot device so it was a forgivable offense.

Overall: Trailer Park Boys: The Movie is a solid film, and you don't even have to have seen one episode of the show to find it funny. With a cast full of crazy characters and an equally insane plot, you'll have fun hanging out with the boys.

Would Recommend to: People who enjoyed The Hangover films , Old School  and Reno 911

Final Grade : B+

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