Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder, a 1983 film starring Roy Scheider as helicopter-pilot-officer Frank Murphy was a huge success when it was released. With an outstanding cast, a great plot and best of all brilliant flight sequences, its easy to see why. Now the question is, how well does it hold up 30 years later?

Plot: The cop test pilot for an experimental police helicopter learns the sinister implications of the new vehicle.

Thoughts: While the plot is pretty standard fare for an action film like this. For what seemed to be a basic plot, the story was very entertaining. After the true intentions for the helicopter are discovered the films story really picks up and it only gets more exciting.

Acting: This film had so many great actors in it. From Roy Scheider to a very young Daniel Stern, the characters were all cast very well and complimented the other actors in certain ways. Roy Scheider's Frank Murphy character was a great hero for the film, made even better by an outstanding villain in Malcolm Mcdowell's  Col. Cochrane. Other notable actors include Warren Oates as Capt. Braddock and Candy Clark as Kate.

What I Liked: While the acting no doubt made this film, the flight scenes with the helicopters put it over the top. Even with all the action films made since 1983, I don't think I've seen a better dog fighting sequence than in this film.

What I disliked: The only thing I disliked with this film was the sub-plot between Frank and Kate. They made a little bit bigger deal of it than was needed, then acted like everything was perfectly fine between

Overall: A thrilling action film that is interesting and fun the whole way through. Blue Thunder still holds up well for an action movie in my opinion and would highly recommend this to any action film fan looking for an exciting and fun movie.

Final Grade: A-


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