Friday, April 12, 2013

Films that should NOT be remade!

Hollywood at this point in time is having a trend with remaking films. Sometimes they are good, but more often than not they are horrible. Hopefully this trend comes to an end, though it doesn't look to be happening anytime soon. The recent news that Point Break was being remade inspired this, so here is my list of films which should NOT be remade.

Ghostbusters - Over the years we've heard so much about the plans Ghostbusters 3. Since 1997 alone, I've heard everything from "we're rewriting for a younger cast" to "Bill hasn't signed on for it". If they cant get a third film with the original cast going, then don't reboot it. This was a film that was just the right combination of the right actors, the right director and all the stars aligning.

The Monster Squad - While certainly not as well known as other horror comedy films from the 1980s like Fright Night, The Monster Squad is a classic in its own right. The story of kids fighting the biggest monsters from classic horror films (Dracula, The Wolfman, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Mummy) was a brilliant idea. The casting however was a huge gamble. Taking kids who really didn't have a whole lot of acting experience and putting them in a big film was a risky idea. Luckily it worked, but sadly this film wasn't a massive hit and only found its audience on home video.

Back to the Future - The original trilogy is so perfectly done, and is a product of its time. A mix of the actors, the direction, writing and of course the music. A classic like this should never be touched. Plus what car today could possibly rival the DeLorean's coolness?

Highlander- While already reported that a reboot is in the early stages of production, starring no less than Ryan Reynolds, I hope it falls apart. Not only was the film perfectly cast, but how could you possibly find a band to replace Queen. The music was as much a part of this film as the characters and plot were.

The Terminator- Bad sequels be damned, this is a film which stands the test of time. No one could possibly fill the role of the T-800 Terminator like Arnold did. This is the film which launched a legendary series, and as such should never be remade.

Taxi Driver- While the story of a distressed war veteran could be easily adapted to work today, the world in which the film took place was a integral part of the story. The world has changed since then so there's no way the film could be remade and stay relevant.

Clueless- A smartly written satire on the rich lives of Beverly Hills teenagers. A great look back at the mid 90's that really couldn't be remade and done justice in my eyes. Great casting and writing make this a film which can be viewed now, or in 20 years and still be funny.

There are tons of other films that shouldn't be remade, I only gave a handful of my choices for this list. Have any suggestions or disagree with my picks? let me know!

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