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Films people hate....but I like

Opinions are a great thing, sometimes people agree with you, sometimes they don't  This list is made up of films that people generally dislike, but I don't for some reason. I'm not gonna say all these films are perfect, or that there is some hidden greatness that people missed. All this is, is a list of films which I like and a few reasons why I do.

Ghostbusters 2- First on the list is one of my favorite films of all time. I see why people dislike it with it's plot falling along the same lines as the original film. Another complaint I hear is that it wasn't as good as the first movie, well that was a tough act to follow. I like it because it has all of the elements that made the movie Ghostbusters a hit, and it does have a better story in my eyes. You actually get to see the villain more during the film, as opposed to it just showing up at the end. The jokes and great comedy are still there, and just as fun as in the original.

Terminator Salvation- Fans of the Term…

Horrible Bosses

Horrible bosses is a film with a very relatable idea behind it. Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis play three men who hate their bosses for various reasons. Nick Hendrick's (Bateman)  boss Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey) works him to death and is overall just a pain in the ass. Dale Arbus (Day) has a boss (Jennifer Aniston) who is sexually harassing him. Kurt Buckman (Sudeikis) has to deal with the death of a boss he loves (Donald Sutherland) and the take over by his son Bobby (Colin Farrell), who he hates.

The plot to say the least is great in the fact that it is relatable. Everyone works or has worked at a job with a boss that they absolutely hate. The story goes over the top in some spots but really it works in this context.You do start hating Nick and Kurt's bosses, but I will say as a guy I do find it hard to believe that Dale would really hate his boss. The absurdity of that fact is played up by Nick and Kurt on many occasions when he says their problems are nothi…

The Last Stand

The Last Stand is a 2012 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He plays a small town Sheriff who is caught in the middle of an FBI chase of an escaped drug kingpin who is attempting to make his way to Mexico in a supercharged Corvette. Only Sheriff Ray Owens and his deputies stand between him and the border to Mexico and Owens is determined to stop him.

The film is perfectly paced in my opinion, starting with a day off for the sheriff and really getting the small town feel of the setting and people across. It slowly starts to build until the final act which is just an explosion of action. Even with a very bare bones plot, the story it told was entertaining. Definitely a case of "less is more" and they took a simple concept and made it work.

The acting was pretty good, Arnold of course was just a bad ass as the Sheriff and while people say he made his return with The Expendables 2, but I believe this is Arnold's true return to movies. A film which he gets to spout…

Heartbreak Ridge

Heartbreak ridge is a 1986 action/comedy/drama movie directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. A standard military film, which while it has a standard plot is more driven by its characters. It's a motion picture made when more and more action films were becoming special effects heavy, but is more of a bare bones action film.

The plot is fairly straight forward, Clint plays Tom Highway, a veteran marine. Highway seeks a transfer to a new unit and is put in charge of training a recon team to straighten up and turn them into marines. At the same time as he is training this platoon, he knows that his life as a military man is coming to an end and is trying to cope with that. In addition to everything else that is going on he also talks to and seeks to mend fences with his ex wife.

I found this plot to be entertaining, despite being a fairly cliched story. Its a very well written and well paced story that has a little bit of everything, but never too much. Its balanced out and every pa…

Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise movies over the past few years have been very hit or miss. For every good movie there's one or two mediocre films. So when I got the chance to see Jack Reacher, I went in not knowing what to expect from the film. Was it a explosive action thriller, or just a bomb? lets find out.

Plot: One morning in an ordinary town, five people are shot dead in a seemingly random attack. All evidence points to a single suspect: an ex-military sniper who is quickly brought into custody. The man's interrogation yields one statement: Get Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise). Reacher, an enigmatic ex-Army investigator, believes the authorities have the right man but agrees to help the sniper's defense attorney (Rosamund Pike). However, the more Reacher delves into the case, the less clear-cut it appears.

Thoughts: The plot in this film, in my opinion at least, was great. A smoothly laid out story that goes along at a steady pace and always has a surprise or twist waiting ahead. There was rar…

A Haunted House

Normally when I see a film involving any of the Wayans brothers now a days, I just walk away from it. I decided to give this one a chance since it seemed like a concept for parody with fairly decent potential. So was this movie making people run away scared....or just running away? Here's A Haunted House!

Plot:Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, but soon learn a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm - determined to keep his sex life on track - turns to a priest, a psychic, and a team of ghost-busters for help.

Thoughts: I kind of knew what to expect from the film based on other films I've seen from the same genre, like the "Scary Movie" films. I was thrown a curve ball with this one as I didn't expect the mix of parody and seriousness.

Acting: The acting was pretty goof in this film, better than I thought it would be. All the actors had very distinguishable characters and were fairly entertaining in each of their roles.

What I lik…

Its a mad, mad, mad, mad world

Very seldom does a film come around where its title truly describes it. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world lives up to and surpasses its name. A wacky film, bursting at the seams with actors and one insane plot. Lets enter a mad, mad, mad, mad world! 
Plot: The dying words of a thief spark a madcap cross-country rush to find some treasure.
Thoughts: This films plot, as with every other part of the movie is a roller coaster ride of insanity. Seeing all of these characters wrapped up in these crazy situations in a race against the clock was hilarious. In all honesty it was more fun than I expected for such a simple story concept.
Acting: There are way too many actors to focus on anything specifically, but overall this films acting / gags exceeded my expectations. Some of the best comedy work I've ever seen, and it still holds up despite the film being 50 years old. 
What I liked: There were so many cameos in this film, that you lose count. In some films this would be a bad thing, but …