Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Its a mad, mad, mad, mad world

Very seldom does a film come around where its title truly describes it. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world lives up to and surpasses its name. A wacky film, bursting at the seams with actors and one insane plot. Lets enter a mad, mad, mad, mad world! 

Plot: The dying words of a thief spark a madcap cross-country rush to find some treasure.

Thoughts: This films plot, as with every other part of the movie is a roller coaster ride of insanity. Seeing all of these characters wrapped up in these crazy situations in a race against the clock was hilarious. In all honesty it was more fun than I expected for such a simple story concept.

Acting: There are way too many actors to focus on anything specifically, but overall this films acting / gags exceeded my expectations. Some of the best comedy work I've ever seen, and it still holds up despite the film being 50 years old. 

What I liked: There were so many cameos in this film, that you lose count. In some films this would be a bad thing, but here it works. 

What I disliked: If I had to say I disliked something from this film, about the only thing I could say is that at times so much is going on that you lose track, but really it adds to the hectic fun that this film is. 

Overall: A fun film, that is a testament to all involved and an excellent example of screwball comedy at its finest. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of comedy, or is just looking for a throwback to a different time of comedic films. 

Final Grade: A

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