Man of Steel

Man of Steel is of course the newest Superman film, and it is a reboot of the series. It stars Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon.With a fresh face in the Superman Role, and a new director at the helm, is this the film to reignite the franchise?

Clark Kent is a man searching for who he is, he knows he isn't from earth, but doesn't know where he is from. Once he finally discovers that he is from the planet Krypton and why he was sent to Earth, an invasion of Earth by General Zod forces him to finally reveal himself to the world. The question on the worlds mind: is this person a threat to our way of life? The question on Clark's mind: can I trust these humans?

The directing of the film was great, and was a real departure from what Zack Snyder has done in the past. While the tone is certainly one he is familiar with as his other comic book film "Watchmen" did have a darker tone. He certainly didn't use his trademark slow motion in this film, but to a degree I think some scenes could have used that to show more impact during fights. Overall this is in my eyes Snyder's best work since Watchmen.

 Henry Cavill did an outstanding job as Kal-El / Clark Kent, able to bring an emotional weight to the character with his doubts on if humanity was ready for a super powered being or not. In interviews its been shown that he went to the comic books for his inspiration, which was the best way to go. This made his portrayal of the character seem fresh, but at the same time truer to the character than we've ever seen before.

Michael Shannon as General Zod was menacing and intimidating, as the character was meant to be. Shannon's performance was outstanding as Zod and you did kind of have to have some amount of sympathy for the character. He was bred with the sole purpose to protect and preserve the Kryptonian way of life, by any means necessary and Shannon got that across beautifully.

Russell Crowe was fantastic as Jor-El, getting the characters scientist side right, and being wise but also had more of an action role this time around. Crowe was able to give the character a more fleshed out personality and emotions that separated him from the rest of the Kryptonians. I absolutely loved him in this role.

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane were great as Johnathan and Martha Kent.
The big overall theme of this film was great, dealing with whether or not the world was ready for a super powered being to be among the human race. Were they ready to accept something like this or reject it? In past films, shows or comics its always been a case of Superman showing up and they instantly love him. Here there is a mixed reaction and it played out beautifully. I love the line at the end " I grew up in Kansas, I'm about as American as it gets".

Amy Adams was great as Lois Lane. The damsel in distress is gone and replaced with
more attitude and she gets right into the action.
If you're looking for more of the same with the Superman films and expecting this to continue what Richard Donner built starting with Superman The Movie, you won't enjoy this film as much. You can't compare it to past works and this needs to be seen with an open mind. I personally loved this film, and  I have to say this is the perfect Superman film for the world we live in right now.

Rating: 10 /10


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