Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin' is a 1997 buddy comedy starring Joe Pesci and Danny Glover. It tells the story of two life long friends, Joe and Gus, who are going on a fishing trip to the Florida Everglades. Along the way on their journey they meet few odd characters and get wrapped up in a case of stolen money and jewels and murder. Needless to say whatever can go wrong , does with these two.

The acting wasn't bad in the movie, in fact I must applaud Mr. Pesci and Mr. Glover for appearing to try their best to make this film work. Their acting made an otherwise mediocre film an enjoyable one for me and in lesser hands this one would have been abysmal. They brought a "regular guy" vibe to their characters making them relate-able and thus likable.

The writing n this film was weak, and it really shows in the final product. The plot is really thin and the film mostly consists of them going from one scene to another with all hell breaking loose. Those scenes are roughly 75% of the film and while they do make for the occasional laugh, I think the film could have used less of these filler scenes.

One of the things I did like from this film was the music they used. It was fairly upbeat and there's actually a song Willie Nelson wrote for the film, "Down in the Everglades". The music sets the correct tone for each scene, for example when Joe and Gus are on a runaway boat they cant slow down, the music is going at a faster pace. I also feel that the music used helped boost up some of the weaker scenes.

Overall this film isn't an outstanding comedy, but I did enjoy the film for what it is. While its not as good of a buddy comedy as "Dumb and Dumber", it has a charm of its own.While this isn't a film for everyone, if you enjoy watching bad movies, you might want to give this one a chance.

Grade: 5/10


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