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B Movie Monday: Deathstalker

Deathstalker is the first in a line of cheaply made action fantasy films that were shot in Argentina from B movie king Roger Corman. It stars Rick Hill as Deathstalker, a warrior on a quest to unite a sword, a chalice and an amulet and gain the ultimate power. He is also trying to rescue a princess, the prisoner of an evil sorcerer named Munkar. Along the way Deathstalker gets involved in a fighting tournament, where the winner inherits Munkar's kingdom.

The acting is distinctly B movie quality, the delivery of lines is cheesy and the characters are given almost no personality. Rick Hill was decent as Deathstalker, and had some good lines. Even the villain of the film played by Bernard Erhard did a good job in his role. The supporting actors Richard Brooker and Lana Clarkson were good in their roles, but could have been used more and a little better than they were.

For a film of this quality, trying to keep the costs as low as possible, I will say it had some good shots and speci…

Diary of a Hitman

Diary of a Hitman is a 1991 film starring Forest Whitaker, Peter White and Sherilyn Fenn. It tells the story of Dekker, a Hitman who is ready to get out of the business, but takes one last job. The client wants him to kill his wife Jain, and their young child,  nearly sending Dekker over the edge with questioning if he can take on such a gruesome task for his final job.

The acting in the film is outstanding, Whitaker clearly stealing the show. The intensity that he brings to scenes is powerful and entertaining to watch. His scenes with Sherilyn Fenn in the apartment is full of great delivery of dialog from both actors. The scenes featuring James Belushi as a cop and Sharon Stone as Jain's sister were brief, but well acted.

The writing in this movie was outstanding. The story is well paced and the character progression is great, seeing our "hero" of the story going through the motions of trying to complete his final hit. It should be noted that the films writer Kenneth P…

Favorite Film Props

Film props are an amazing thing in some movie lovers eyes. Where as prop departments see a gun or a device, fans see artwork. Personally I feel that a props are a crucial element to any film, and they add to the world that the film is trying to create. We all have our favorites, so here is a list of my favorite film props.

Proton Packs (Ghostbusters / Ghostbusters 2): From a distance they looked great, up close they got even better. The Proton Packs were something which in my eyes were designed and built to look like actual real functioning pieces of hardware. They looked like something a mad scientist would assemble in his garage and to a kid in the 80's were some of the coolest things around.

Conan's Sword (Conan The Barbarian / Conan The Destroyer): This is the first sword from a movie that I fell in love with. The design of the sword looks simple from a distance, but once you get up close you notice how detailed it is. It's a great design that stands the test of time, an…