B Movie Monday: Deathstalker

Deathstalker is the first in a line of cheaply made action fantasy films that were shot in Argentina from B movie king Roger Corman. It stars Rick Hill as Deathstalker, a warrior on a quest to unite a sword, a chalice and an amulet and gain the ultimate power. He is also trying to rescue a princess, the prisoner of an evil sorcerer named Munkar. Along the way Deathstalker gets involved in a fighting tournament, where the winner inherits Munkar's kingdom.

The acting is distinctly B movie quality, the delivery of lines is cheesy and the characters are given almost no personality. Rick Hill was decent as Deathstalker, and had some good lines. Even the villain of the film played by Bernard Erhard did a good job in his role. The supporting actors Richard Brooker and Lana Clarkson were good in their roles, but could have been used more and a little better than they were.

For a film of this quality, trying to keep the costs as low as possible, I will say it had some good shots and special effects in it. During a scene when a prisoner is being dragged through a forest by a horse, they showed it through a first person view and it really looked cool. The effects weren't anything outstanding by today's standards, but for a film made on a shoe string budget, was decent for the time.

The story is the weakest part of this film. It really does nothing to get you invested in it or the characters. This is to be expected since nearly all movies like this didn't rely on story, it was action and naked ladies that drove this genre. For what it was though,  the plot was a good, but average bare bones fantasy story.

For a B movie, this isn't the worst film ever and was actually pretty good. If you just set your expectations low enough and don't go in expecting a ton of fast paced action, good acting or anything resembling a plot, you might have some fun with this one. If you like your action/ fantasy films to be so cheesy and full of half naked ladies, you might want to give Deathstalker a watch.

Verdict: So bad its great


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