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B Movie Monday: The Scorpion King 3

The Scorpion king 3 (which by the way I had no idea there was a Scorpion King 2) continues the story of Mathayus after he has lost his people and failed as a ruler. This time its up to Mathayus and a warrior named Olaf to stop the evil King Talus and rescue Princess Silda, daughter of King Ramusan. Talus plans to conquer not only King Ramusan's kingdom, but also the kingdom of his brother, King Horus.

The films story is weak, to say the least. I did like that it laid Mathayus out as a failure at first, which is unusual for a film like this. Normally he would be the hero who can do no wrong in this type of film. That is sadly the only thing that didn't follow the cookie cutter action formula. It's predictable to the point where you can see things a mile away but for what it was the story was alright.

The acting here is decent, and there are a few big names in the film. Victor Webster stars as Mathayus, Ron Perlman as Horus, Billy Zane as Talus and Temuera Morrison as Ramus…

B Movie Monday: Barbarian Queen

Barbarian Queen stars Lana Clarkson, Katt Shea, Frank Zagarino and Dawn Dunlap. The film  tells the story of Amathea, the queen of a village that gets raided by Roman troops on the day of her wedding and her people are either captured and turned into slaves or became gladiators. Its up to Amathea and two other female warriors to track down their people and free them, but an evil ruler and his army of guards stand in their way.

The plot isn't bad in this film, and the story is actually quite interesting. It had more of a personal reason than most sword and sorcery films at the time did. That being said the plot barely had time to develop and kinda falls apart towards the end. Despite this I still found the story entertaining for what it was.

Let me say this about the acting: this is what you get when you give non actors and models skimpy outfits and swords. Lana Clarkson and Frank Zagarino in all honesty were not all that bad in their roles, but nearly everyone else was horrible. …

Saturday Night Special: 48 Hrs. / Another 48 Hrs.

48 hrs.

48 hrs stars Nick Nolte as Jack Cates and Eddie Murphy as Reggie Hammond. This isn't your typical 80's buddy cop film as Cates is a cop, and Hammond is a convict out on 48 hr. leave. He assists in tracking down an old associate of his while also struggling to get along with his reluctant partner. Can the duo manage to survive 48 hrs. together and also get their man?

The acting in the movie is outstanding, Nick Nolte was at the top of his game as the grizzled veteran cop and Murphy was great as the wise cracking convict. Surprisingly this was Murphy's first film, but he had years of experience perfecting his comedy work through stand up and Saturday Night Live. The duo worked well together and had a natural chemistry which really showed on screen. It should also be noted that James Remar did an outstanding job as the bad guy of the film: Albert Ganz. He did make you believe he was a homicidal maniac with his performance and pulled off the role well.

The plot of the …

B Movie Monday: Battledogs

Battledogs is an interesting twist on the tried and true outbreak movie. This time a nature photographer is bitten by a wolf in the Canadian wilderness. Upon entering the U.S. she is feeling the effects of the bite and becomes patient zero in the werewolf outbreak as she attacks an airport full of people.After the attacks the victims are quarantined and the military is trying to find out what happened and how to stop it from spreading..

The story in this film was actually an entertaining approach to an outbreak movie. To be perfectly honest I'm getting a little sick of seeing zombie films, so making a film where the Lupine virus spreads was a breath of fresh air. Sure its predictable and you can see where the plot is going, but it was a fun film to watch. The only thing I wish they would have focused on a little more was ending, it felt a little abrupt but overall it was good.

Acting in a movie like this usually isn't the best, but it was pretty good here. Having some well kn…

Drama Friday: What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come is a visually stunning film that tells the story of a man who is trying to save his soul mate from an eternity trapped in hell. It's an interesting take on the afterlife and even life itself. The choices we make, the ways we effect people and the twists our lives take.Is there more to this film than just visual effects and depressing moments? Lets take a look.

The acting was great in this movie, with Robin Williams leading a star filled cast also including  Annabella Sciorra, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Max von Sydow. Williams was great in this film,turning in a top notch performance and it didn't matter if the scene called for drama or comedy, he delivered.. The dramatic scenes will make you feel his pain, and you also feel the wonder and amazement when he first experiences his version of heaven. There were a few scenes where I felt the acting got a bit melodramatic, but overall the acting here was good for the entirety of the film.

The most captivating thing a…

Action Wednesday: Drive Angry

Drive Angry tells the story of  John Milton, a dead criminal who has broken out of hell to kill cult leader Jonah King for killing his daughter and taking her baby. Milton is assisted in his mission by Piper, a girl who is seeking meaning in her life and now has a purpose. While Milton and Piler search for King they are hunted by The Accountant. An evil minion of Satan, The Accountant  is on the hunt for Milton and seeks to return him to hell.

While the story is actually pretty simple, it was an interesting one with the way it was handled. It has a few moments that don't really see coming, and it also has those predictable action bits that while you know they're coming, are still entertaining. I'd say over all the plot was decent and entertaining, though at its core it does feel a bit like another Nic Cage movie, Ghost Rider but this was actually entertaining and fun to watch.

The acting in the film was pretty good for what it was. As good as Nic Cage (Milton) and Billy B…

B Movie Monday: Troll 2

Troll 2 is a film which is notorious in the world of movies for how bad it is. The film is about a family who swaps houses with a family in the small farm town Nilbog. Joshua, the youngest member of the family knows that there is something odd about Nilbog, and that his family shouldn't be going there. The town turns out to be the Kingdom of the Goblins and its up to Joshua and the ghost of his grandfather to try and save the family and stop the goblins.

Let me start by saying I have avoided this film for the longest time. It was only by chance, or maybe by curse that this was the film that was picked at random for this week. I've heard stories that "it's so bad its good! " and "if you love bad movies, you'll enjoy this one!". To that I say NO! Now I love to watch bad movies, but this was the only one where I felt sick after it because of the acting, the idiotic plot and all of the inconsistencies.

Lets start with the acting, or lack there of. I wi…

Action Wednesday: Bulletproof Monk

Bulletproof Monk is a 2003 action comedy starring Chow Yun-Fat  and  Seann William Scott. It tells the story of a Tibetan monk who starts mentoring a street kid, who he sees as a potential successor of his to protect an ancient scroll. On paper this seems like it could be a good martial arts comedy film, so how did it turn out?

First let me say that the story had potential. Going into this I expected a nice mix of martial arts action and comedy, but the story is a little uneven. It couldn't balance out action scenes with comedy very well, and leaves you with such a jarring feeling. I got the feeling that this was originally intended to be a more serious film, but it was decided the film wouldn't be a success that way, so they threw in the comedy bits long into development and it just doesn't work at all.

The acting in all honesty wasn't bad. Chow Yun-Fat was as charismatic as ever and was able to make the most serious and funny lines seem natural and not forced. Seann…

B Movie Monday: Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter is a movie about...well... a vampire hunter. Kronos is on the hunt for a vampire who is terrorizing the females of a small village and sucking them not only of their blood, but youth as well. Its up to Kronos and his assistant, Professor Grost to rid the village of its vampire and save the day. 
The story of this film was great in my opinion. Compared to the other vampire films that were being released at the time, this was a drastic change. Not only was the film full of twists that keep you guessing til the end, the ending itself was different from every other vampire film out there, especially the ones from Hammer Films. One of the best things about this film though is how the main character was written. Kronos, unlike most vampire hunters in film at the time, was more charismatic than the vampires in the story. 
The acting in the film was hit or miss for me. The heros of the story,  Kronos played by Horst Janson and Professor Grost played by John Cat…