Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Action Wednesday: Drive Angry

Drive Angry tells the story of  John Milton, a dead criminal who has broken out of hell to kill cult leader Jonah King for killing his daughter and taking her baby. Milton is assisted in his mission by Piper, a girl who is seeking meaning in her life and now has a purpose. While Milton and Piler search for King they are hunted by The Accountant. An evil minion of Satan, The Accountant  is on the hunt for Milton and seeks to return him to hell.

While the story is actually pretty simple, it was an interesting one with the way it was handled. It has a few moments that don't really see coming, and it also has those predictable action bits that while you know they're coming, are still entertaining. I'd say over all the plot was decent and entertaining, though at its core it does feel a bit like another Nic Cage movie, Ghost Rider but this was actually entertaining and fun to watch.

The acting in the film was pretty good for what it was. As good as Nic Cage (Milton) and Billy Burke (King) were, the best acting in the film was by William Fichtner who played The Accountant. He had a deadpan deliver to his comedic lines and was in all honesty one of the better parts of the movie. Cage as John Milton did a decent job with his character, but there just didn't seem to be a whole lot to it, possibly how it was written.

The stunts and actual action parts of the film were well done and great to watch. In particular one thing that really sticks out in my mind was the scene where The Accountant is getting ready to ram the car Milton is in with a nitrogen truck. Sure the scene is aided by CGI, but on screen it looked good and that's what counts. There were a ton of decent chase scenes in the film, and really my only complaint is at points there are moments when you see bad CGI work, but nothing really that hurt my enjoyment of the film.

I guess when most people see a DVD case with Nic Cage on the front cover, they back away. While some of his films justify that response, I'm glad I gave this one a chance. With a decent plot, great acting and action, this is well worth the time if you're just looking for a film to shut off your brain and enjoy.

Verdict:  Great popcorn movie


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