B Movie Monday: Barbarian Queen

Barbarian Queen stars Lana Clarkson, Katt Shea, Frank Zagarino and Dawn Dunlap. The film  tells the story of Amathea, the queen of a village that gets raided by Roman troops on the day of her wedding and her people are either captured and turned into slaves or became gladiators. Its up to Amathea and two other female warriors to track down their people and free them, but an evil ruler and his army of guards stand in their way.

The plot isn't bad in this film, and the story is actually quite interesting. It had more of a personal reason than most sword and sorcery films at the time did. That being said the plot barely had time to develop and kinda falls apart towards the end. Despite this I still found the story entertaining for what it was.

Let me say this about the acting: this is what you get when you give non actors and models skimpy outfits and swords. Lana Clarkson and Frank Zagarino in all honesty were not all that bad in their roles, but nearly everyone else was horrible. Taking into consideration that this is a cheaply made B movie that was filmed in Argentina (Surprise!) its to be expected. It does add a bit to the cheesiness of your movie when you have to dub in lines for your actors. Keep an eye on some of the actors, they just move their mouths and nothing matches their lines. Surely the script really didn't help the actors much, considering 80% of the films dialog is screaming and grunts.

The action scenes in this film were decent, and better than I expected. The fight scenes alone felt like they had more thought put into them than they did with Deathstalker. The final scene is just one huge fight between rebels and guards and they did a good job of showing the scale of it. All in all the action of the film was good and was fast paced, but not to the point where you miss things.

Overall this wasn't a bad movie. Sure the acting is bad, but who watches movies like this for the acting? A decent action movie with a good story, but it just feels like it was cut short with a run time of a little over an hour. If you're looking for a action fantasy B movie to watch with friends, you could do much worse than Barbarian Queen.

Verdict: A B Movie best watched with friends to make fun of its absurdity and have fun doing so.


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