Monday, September 16, 2013

B Movie Monday: Battledogs

Battledogs is an interesting twist on the tried and true outbreak movie. This time a nature photographer is bitten by a wolf in the Canadian wilderness. Upon entering the U.S. she is feeling the effects of the bite and becomes patient zero in the werewolf outbreak as she attacks an airport full of people.After the attacks the victims are quarantined and the military is trying to find out what happened and how to stop it from spreading..

The story in this film was actually an entertaining approach to an outbreak movie. To be perfectly honest I'm getting a little sick of seeing zombie films, so making a film where the Lupine virus spreads was a breath of fresh air. Sure its predictable and you can see where the plot is going, but it was a fun film to watch. The only thing I wish they would have focused on a little more was ending, it felt a little abrupt but overall it was good.

Acting in a movie like this usually isn't the best, but it was pretty good here. Having some well known names in the film like Ernie Hudson, Bill Duke , Wes Studi and Dennis Haysbert didn't hurt, but the the actors I was less familiar with were just as good. No one felt out of place and they all played their characters well, it didn't have the feeling of " oh that's the Allstate guy playing a General", he became the character.

One thing that I really noticed was that this film did use some practical effects as well as CGI. The blend made the the CGI easier to digest, which usually is one of the weaker part of these Asylum films. It gave it a more realistic feel when you see the werewolf puppets, and makes for a better scene overall when you see the actors actually have something to interact with.

Overall this wasn't the horrible film I was expecting. A step above the usual film Asylum produces for the SyFy channel, it was pretty entertaining. With a new take on the monster outbreak film it was handled pretty well from my viewpoint and had a good plot that never really got out of hand or forgotten. This is the best kind of "bad" movie, where what it does right makes you overlook and forgive some of the things it does wrong.

Verdict: A watchable film, and quite an enjoyable way to kill a few hours


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