Monday, September 2, 2013

B Movie Monday: Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter is a movie about...well... a vampire hunter. Kronos is on the hunt for a vampire who is terrorizing the females of a small village and sucking them not only of their blood, but youth as well. Its up to Kronos and his assistant, Professor Grost to rid the village of its vampire and save the day. 

The story of this film was great in my opinion. Compared to the other vampire films that were being released at the time, this was a drastic change. Not only was the film full of twists that keep you guessing til the end, the ending itself was different from every other vampire film out there, especially the ones from Hammer Films. One of the best things about this film though is how the main character was written. Kronos, unlike most vampire hunters in film at the time, was more charismatic than the vampires in the story. 

The acting in the film was hit or miss for me. The heros of the story,  Kronos played by Horst Janson and Professor Grost played by John Cater were both great in the film. Janson brought the charisma and coolness to the character and seemed like a perfect fit in the film. Cater had his moments as well, acting as the comic relief at times and the voice of reason at others, and doing both very well. The villain of the story was actually more like something you would see from a soap opera with the over acting she did. All in all though, the acting was better than I expected it to be. 

 This film was very enjoyable to watch, with its mix of swashbuckling action, a more scientific approach to vampire hunting and a different approach to the vampires themselves. The story and characters are interesting enough to keep you watching from the start and its a fun story to watch unfold. An outstanding adventure horror film from start to finish, if you're looking for a good film with a not so predictable plot, you can do much worse than Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter. 

Final Verdict: Must See for old school horror and vampire fans 


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