B Movie Monday: The Scorpion King 3

The Scorpion king 3 (which by the way I had no idea there was a Scorpion King 2) continues the story of Mathayus after he has lost his people and failed as a ruler. This time its up to Mathayus and a warrior named Olaf to stop the evil King Talus and rescue Princess Silda, daughter of King Ramusan. Talus plans to conquer not only King Ramusan's kingdom, but also the kingdom of his brother, King Horus.

The films story is weak, to say the least. I did like that it laid Mathayus out as a failure at first, which is unusual for a film like this. Normally he would be the hero who can do no wrong in this type of film. That is sadly the only thing that didn't follow the cookie cutter action formula. It's predictable to the point where you can see things a mile away but for what it was the story was alright.

The acting here is decent, and there are a few big names in the film. Victor Webster stars as Mathayus, Ron Perlman as Horus, Billy Zane as Talus and Temuera Morrison as Ramusan. Webster, Perlman and Morrison were all good in their roles, especially Perlman who seems to thrive in this type of movie. Zane....well to me Zane doesn't play characters, he just plays Billy Zane in different time periods. His overacting and sarcastic ways didn't really hurt the movie or my experience viewing it, but he stole scenes for all the wrong reasons.

The fight scenes were good, and you had a variety of fighting styles to mix things up. If there's one thing that I felt really hurt the movie though, it was the fact that there was too much action. There was rarely a dialog scene to come down from a fight scene and the rush of excitement it brings. An overabundance of action is just tiresome and gets old after a while. When there is action on screen though it was entertaining, if not a little too fast paced at times.

While the nonstop action did hurt my enjoyment of the film just a little,  all in all it was still a good film. Its story is pretty standard but overall is a decent film.It has some consistency errors in scenes, but that's a very minor gripe. If you're a fan of the series or like action films like this you might want to give this a watch, otherwise this may be a pass for most people.

Verdict: For die hard action fans and fans of the series this is watchable, if not you might want to skip it.


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