Monday, September 9, 2013

B Movie Monday: Troll 2

Troll 2 is a film which is notorious in the world of movies for how bad it is. The film is about a family who swaps houses with a family in the small farm town Nilbog. Joshua, the youngest member of the family knows that there is something odd about Nilbog, and that his family shouldn't be going there. The town turns out to be the Kingdom of the Goblins and its up to Joshua and the ghost of his grandfather to try and save the family and stop the goblins.

Let me start by saying I have avoided this film for the longest time. It was only by chance, or maybe by curse that this was the film that was picked at random for this week. I've heard stories that "it's so bad its good! " and "if you love bad movies, you'll enjoy this one!". To that I say NO! Now I love to watch bad movies, but this was the only one where I felt sick after it because of the acting, the idiotic plot and all of the inconsistencies.

Lets start with the acting, or lack there of. I will say OK maybe, MAYBE it makes the family seem more realistic to have them not act like they're acting, but here its like they were trying so hard they were over acting. I've seen more compelling acting in porn, than I did in this film. There are no real personalities to these characters or anything to make them interesting. Just generic people with random names with no redeeming qualities. They performed scenes and recited lines as they were written in the script, so there's no emotion to some, and overacting to others.

Now lets look at the "plot" which I can sum up in one word: BULLSHIT! Sure it has all the makings of a decent horror story, but what happens in the middle of the film is just so stupid. Not only that but there are a ton of plot holes. The grandfathers ghost who couldn't get involved to help the family in the beginning of the story, can now miraculously chop off on of the trolls hands with an axe? That's another issue, why the hell is the movie called Troll 2 if the villains are goblins? Oh that's right, this movie was actually originally titled Goblins, but released in the US as Troll 2.

Alright now the director and crew as I mentioned before barely spoke English as their first language was Italian, so the language barrier between some of them and the crew made for a challenge and explains some of the line delivery issues.Its almost like he set out to make the worst movie possible. Oddly enough from interviews I dug up, he really believed in the movie he was making. One thing I do have to say is there were a few moments when I thought to myself " that was somewhat creative", but those moments are few and far between.

This movie is like the blueprint for bad movies. The acting was stiff, the plot was ludicrous and the fact that this was just a movie about goblins and then tacked on as a sequel to the 1986 film Troll in the us is just stupid. Stupid enough that it kind of worked, since the acting in Troll was just as bad and the story was just as idiotic as it was here. I try to find some positive in every film, some redeeming quality but here its just one thing after another that has nothing going for it.

Verdict: Avoid it like the plague


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