Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Night Special: 48 Hrs. / Another 48 Hrs.

48 hrs.

48 hrs stars Nick Nolte as Jack Cates and Eddie Murphy as Reggie Hammond. This isn't your typical 80's buddy cop film as Cates is a cop, and Hammond is a convict out on 48 hr. leave. He assists in tracking down an old associate of his while also struggling to get along with his reluctant partner. Can the duo manage to survive 48 hrs. together and also get their man?

The acting in the movie is outstanding, Nick Nolte was at the top of his game as the grizzled veteran cop and Murphy was great as the wise cracking convict. Surprisingly this was Murphy's first film, but he had years of experience perfecting his comedy work through stand up and Saturday Night Live. The duo worked well together and had a natural chemistry which really showed on screen. It should also be noted that James Remar did an outstanding job as the bad guy of the film: Albert Ganz. He did make you believe he was a homicidal maniac with his performance and pulled off the role well.

The plot of the film was really an interesting twist on the buddy cop genre. By making it a cop and convict duo you had a lot more comedic possibilities and it opened the door for the ways the story could go. Another great thing about this films story was that it didn't follow some of the more predictable routes as films have often done before and since then.

Overall I loved this film, and was wondering to my self why I'd never seen it before. That's a mark of a great film in my opinion, when you question why you didn't give it a watch sooner. Its a great film and it stands the test of time and holds up really well even 31 years later.

Verdict: One of the best 80's cop films made and a must see for fans of the genre.

Another 48 hrs.

Another 48 hrs. picks up 7 years after the first film, and it appears this time the tables are turned on the duo. Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte return , this time Murphy's character has been released from jail and its Nolte who is feeling the heat as Internal Affairs is breathing down his neck. Now there's a mysterious kingpin known only as "The Iceman", who as it turns out was the person Hammond took the money from that he stashed in his car in the first film, and now wants him dead. Its up to the duo to not only find out the identity of the "Iceman" but also stop a gang of bikers who are hired to kill Hammond and Cates.

The plot was decent for what it was, but just like most sequels it doesn't live up to its predecessor. On its own, it is a decent film and manages to recapture the magic of the first film with the characters being as at odds as ever and that still works here successfully. Sadly this does suffer the same fate as other sequels and is just more of the same, but really its not as repetitive as say Lethal Weapon.

The acting was as good as ever and the chemistry between Murphy and Nolte is still there. I liked that they added more of a betrayal feeling to Eddie's performance and character since Cates didn't come and visit Reggie in all the years he was in prison, despite supposedly being his friend. It added another layer to the pair and made for interesting scenes, both emotional and comedic.

As I said before this film does suffer a bit, but for a sequel its a good follow up to the original film. It progressed the characters more than some other sequels, and wasn't just more of the same. Overall its a good film that could have been much worse.

Verdict: Good sequel and best paired in a back to back viewing with the original.

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