Action Wednesday: Armageddon

When the world is in danger of being wiped out by an asteroid the size of Texas, its up to Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck to save the world.  Willis stars as Harry Stamper, the worlds best deep sea oil driller who NASA comes to for assistance. He is tasked with training a team of astronauts to go up, drill and detonate a nuke on the asteroid. Stamper says he wants to take his own team up since drilling is an art, not a science. After training and being prepped for their mission, our heroes make it to the asteroid and the race is on to destroy it.

The plot of this film, for as stupid as it sounds on paper really makes sense when you get down to it. I loved the "firecracker" explanation where if "you hold it in your palm? burn your palm. hold it in a fist? well your wife's gonna open your ketchup bottles from now on.".  It makes sense to have to drill down into the asteroid to blow it up, since detonating on the surface does nothing. Aside from that explanation of the plan, the rest of the films plot is pure Michael Bay......shit ton of explosions and bad dialog.

Acting wise, this cast was great in my opinion and how could it not be when the cast includes Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Steve Buscemi , Billy Bob Thornton, Will Patton, William Fichtner and Kieth David. The characters were well defined by the actors and given distinct personalities. My only complaint about the acting was Liv Tyler's performance, as it felt uneven. At times she was good and showed emotion, at others she was as charismatic as a rock.

The action and special effects are what you would expect from a summer blockbuster film like this: over the top and explosive. One thing I loved about this movie over the very similar " Deep Impact" was that it had more action involving the asteroid. This movie knew what it was and played it up big time with the majority of the film taking place in space, where as Deep Impact was dialog scenes focusing on several different characters.

All in all this is an enjoyable movie to watch if you're looking for a popcorn flick. There isn't a complex plot or a ton of drama, just Bruce Willis and company blowing up an asteroid. It's an entertaining way to kill a few hours, despite its flaws.

Verdict: Watchable popcorn movie


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