More fun Halloween movies!

Last year I did 2 posts on fun movies to watch on Halloween, so I decided to make it a tradition. Last year I focused more on horror films and decided this year would add a few more family friendly movies into the mix. There is something for everyone, so lets get started with this years list!

Ernest Scared Stupid - It may be a horror comedy geared more towards kids, but Ernest Scared Stupid has some qualities that appeal to the young and the old. The jokes are corny, the monsters are laughable and the lead actor is a goofball that looks like he had fun making this movie.

The Witches - Based on the book by Roald Dahl, this film scared me as a kid due to its character design of the witches natural forms. Since it was brought to us by Jim Henson studios, that's no surprise. Now though I can appreciate this film for its story telling and visual style and its great in both aspects. Its visuals may scare some of the younger kiddies, but with great storytelling and acting, its a good film for the family to watch.

 The Addams Family- A film based on a TV show that gets most of its source material right? The Addams Family was just that for me. It had great actors and memorable moments and an energy to it that kept it going. The story itself might not be the best and it does have some plot holes, but its still an entertaining film for Halloween, and all year round.

Warlock- A little known horror film from the late 80's, Warlock has a great story and some decent acting. Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant have great chemistry together as the evil warlock and the hunter. It has a spooky vibe to it and while some of the effects are dated now, it still holds up decently.

The Frighteners- Michael J Fox is a paranormal investigator in a town that seems to attract death. Aided by the ghosts in town, he runs a scam to keep himself in business. That is until a real ghost problem hits the town. Its a bit dark, but still has comedy bits and some great special effects.

Tucker and Dale Vs.Evil - 2 lovable rednecks get mistaken for maniac killers in this horror comedy starring Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. It has laughs, scares and some shock moments to it, as well as a hell of a twist. Its funny to see the two goofballs going about fixing up their "vacation home" as the teenagers try to stop them, only to kill themselves in the process. Great movie with a good story and actors that put effort into their roles.

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