Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Robert Englund returns as Freddy Krueger in " A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream warriors". This time he is out to get the last of the Elm Street kids, who are locked up in Weston Hills Psychiatric hospital.The teenagers do have some hope in staying alive though, as Nancy Thompson has just taken a job at the same hospital. Can she help the kids beat defeat nightmares and stop Freddy once and for all?

I felt that the plot was outstanding in terms of story telling, and is the most creative of the series hands down.
Not only does it tie itself to the original film by having Nancy return, it continues her story as well as introduce new characters. Giving the teenagers powers to fight back against Freddy was also great and added a bit of intrigue to the film: Could they finally kill him once and for all? I also liked that there was more of a classic horror element to the plot, similar to what you would see in an old vampire film in that they needed to bury Krueger's remains on consecrated ground to destroy him once and for all. That and the added subplot of Neil and Sister Mary Helena added a lot to this film in my opinion.

The actors did a great job with this film, giving all the characters a distinct personality and made them easy to identify with. Heather Langenkamp was great in her return to the series as Nancy, it was nice to see how her character had changed in the years since the first film. I was also glad to see that Robert Englund was on his game here as Freddy and turned in a great performance. The teenagers of the film were great, but my favorite had to be Ken Sagoes as Roland Kincaid. He had a unique personality that was entertaining as well as some of the best lines of the film.

The dream sequences and the ways Freddy killed his victims are among the best and most memorable of the series. Dream Warriors took the series back to its roots as opposed to Freddy's Revenge which mostly had Freddy entering our world. The scenery brought back that surreal tone and creepy atmosphere from the original film but was lost in the sequel. By far my favorite scene had to be when Krueger killed Jennifer by coming out of the television and said "This is it Jennifer, Your big break in TV! Welcome to prime time bitch!" and then rammed her head through it. That is usually the one that stands out to people from the film the most.

Dream Warriors is one of, if not the most loved entry to the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series. It was a change in direction for the films and began the shift towards horror with a bit of comedy mixed in. I for one love it for this as well as letting the victims fight back against Freddy and making them more more interesting than they had been in the past. Its a great entry to the series and still holds up to this day.

Verdict: If you liked the original, I think you'll love dream warriors. A must watch for horror fans.


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