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Against The Dark

I like it when actors try new things and try a different genre of film. It can change things up and add a fresh and exciting new dynamic to their repertoire. That said the last thing I ever expected or thought I wanted to see was Steven Seagal playing a vampire hunter. That is just what we got in Against The Dark, where Seagal plays the leader of a vampire hunter team clearing out a section of a city and searching for survivors. Was this film as bad as it sounds on paper? Lets find out.

The story was pretty standard fare for an action horror film. It didn't really do anything good or bad, but stuck to the middle of the road. My main issues with the plot was it was all over the place, instead of focusing on one set of characters, it constantly switched between the two. In addition to that the plot was predictable and you could see twists coming a mile away.

The action was alright for what it was, but it had its share of problems too. My big issue with it was that it was shown at a…

My favorite Christmas movies

The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year, it always has been. Naturally being a film lover, there are Christmas films that I love watching every year. There is a little something for everyone here, from young to the young at heart. Here is a list of  my favorite Christmas movies.

TheMuppet Christmas Carol- A Christmas Carol is a classic tale which has been made into a film several times. Of all the various films, the Muppet's take on it is by far my favorite. It was entertaining for the younger crowd and even older viewers can find something they like about it. With Michael Caine, you had a great actor in the starring role of Ebenezer Scrooge. Take that and add the Muppet gang to it with their musical scenes and humor, and you have a wonderful holiday film. 

Ernest Saves Christmas- While it may not be a great film, it is among my favorite to watch during the holidays. The film has a decent story, that is really lifted up by Jim Varney's performance as the i…

Trailer reactions and thoughts for Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow and 300: Rise of an Empire

When I heard there was a new Godzilla movie in production, I got excited. After a moment of excitement, I was then filled with dread as I remembered the horrible American Godzilla film from 1998. Now that I have seen this teaser trailer for the new film, I am once again excited! 
It seems that they learned their lessons from the '98 film and went with a design for Godzilla that closely resembles the classic look.The film looks to be more like Cloverfield and less Pacific Rim, but that might not be a bad thing. This film seems to have a more human element and that alone hints that there is a compelling story which I feel the original Godzilla films from Japan had. All in all, I can't wait for this to hit theaters and this is already one of my most anticipated films of the year.

Edge of Tomorrow:

Tom Cruise in a Sci Fi movie has never really worked for me and this trailer did feel like a bit of a mess, but I am interested in seeing this film since it seems to have an…

That's My Boy

When I heard there was a new Adam Sandler film coming out, I wrote it off immediately as crap. Then I heard Andy Samberg was in the movie and I thought there might be a chance, a long shot that this could be the movie that's different from other Sandler films. I then totally forgot about the movie until one day I see it's on Showtime and decided to give it a shot and watch it. Was it the total train wreck that you would expect from not only Adam Sandler, but his Happy Madison film company? I would say yes and no. 

The story itself had potential and for the most part it succeeded and was entertaining. It took the unusual premise for a comedy of having its main character be involved in a student/ teacher affair. It did make light of the idea by using the "guy point of view" where having sex with a teacher is a dream come true and an accomplishment. The rest of the film deals with Sandler and Samberg's  characters dealing with their fractured relationship. I will s…

The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment is a 1984 science fiction film Starring Michael Paré  and  Nancy Allen, that tells the story of a top secret experiment to cloak naval ships from enemy radars. On the day of the experiment in 1943, something goes horribly wrong and two sailors travel through a wormhole and are sent 40 years into the future to 1984. They arrive at the same point in time where a similar experiment is being conducted and it creates a rift which is pulling in energy and causes a town to vanish. Can they find out not only what caused them to go into the future, but also find a way back and set everything back as it was meant to be?

The story behind this films plot is actually interesting as its a huge myth that some people say has happened, and the navy insists that it never did. They took the conspiracy theory and made it work in the interest of good story telling. The fact that they turned the supposed experiment into an interesting science fiction story is great, and it turned…