Monday, December 30, 2013

Against The Dark

I like it when actors try new things and try a different genre of film. It can change things up and add a fresh and exciting new dynamic to their repertoire. That said the last thing I ever expected or thought I wanted to see was Steven Seagal playing a vampire hunter. That is just what we got in Against The Dark, where Seagal plays the leader of a vampire hunter team clearing out a section of a city and searching for survivors. Was this film as bad as it sounds on paper? Lets find out.

The story was pretty standard fare for an action horror film. It didn't really do anything good or bad, but stuck to the middle of the road. My main issues with the plot was it was all over the place, instead of focusing on one set of characters, it constantly switched between the two. In addition to that the plot was predictable and you could see twists coming a mile away.

The action was alright for what it was, but it had its share of problems too. My big issue with it was that it was shown at a fast pace, too fast to really see what was happening half the time and it hurt the enjoyment of it a little. One thing I will say that I did like was that the action was varied and wasn't repetitive. All in all the action was decent, but nothing outstanding.

The acting in this film was actually pretty good for the most part. The actors gave their characters some degree of personality, but unfortunately didn't really get enough time to develop the characters to the point where you care about them. The actors who played the hunters, except for Seagal, really didn't have any dialog. Even Seagal himself didn't have a ton of lines, and was more of a rarely speaking bad ass and I feel it worked for the role.

Overall this is an okay movie, but it doesn't do anything new or exciting. I feel if it had focused on one group, either the civilian survivors or the hunters, the film would have been better. By focusing on both the movie just feels like a mess. It's not bad if you have no other options, but there are better action horror films out there.

Verdict: Average movie that you can skip and not miss a thing.


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