My favorite Christmas movies

The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year, it always has been. Naturally being a film lover, there are Christmas films that I love watching every year. There is a little something for everyone here, from young to the young at heart. Here is a list of  my favorite Christmas movies.

TheMuppet Christmas Carol- A Christmas Carol is a classic tale which has been made into a film several times. Of all the various films, the Muppet's take on it is by far my favorite. It was entertaining for the younger crowd and even older viewers can find something they like about it. With Michael Caine, you had a great actor in the starring role of Ebenezer Scrooge. Take that and add the Muppet gang to it with their musical scenes and humor, and you have a wonderful holiday film. 

Ernest Saves Christmas- While it may not be a great film, it is among my favorite to watch during the holidays. The film has a decent story, that is really lifted up by Jim Varney's performance as the infectiously happy and cheer filled Ernest P. Worrell. Sure the jokes are corny and plot is absurd, but its still a great film to watch with the whole family and bring on the Christmas cheer.

A Christmas Story- A cult classic which at times is shown a little too much ( do we really need a 24 hour marathon?) but still a fun film to watch. An easily relateable and timeless tale of a kid on his quest to ask Santa for the perfect present. The obstacles Ralphie faces are many, but he wont let that get between him and his dream of getting a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. With its cast of interesting characters and a great story, its no wonder this has become a Christmas tradition.

Christmas Vacation- In my opinion, Christmas Vacation is the best of the Vacation series of films. A story about family at Christmas,  and the havoc that ensues while trying to create the perfect Christmas. Always a staple of the holiday season TV schedule, its a film that doesn't get old and still holds up well. Its also easy to relate to for the whole family since we all have a crazy cousin Eddie in our own families.

Scrooged- Another Retelling of a Christmas Carol, this time with a modern twist. The "Scrooge" of this tale is a television executive who has sacrificed spending time with family and loved ones in order to be a success. Over the course of the film he is shown his past, what his friends and family are doing in the present, and his future if he keeps going on this path. It has a great balance of story and humor and is made that much better by Bill Murray's performance.

Jingle All The Way- This movie is a favorite just because of how absurd it is. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a father looking for redemption by getting his son a Turboman action figure. It's played up as the hottest toy of all time and the frenzy over it mirrors the Cabbage Patch kids in the 80's and Tickle Me Elmo in the 90's. Its not a great story and it has plot holes, but overall it is an enjoyable film. In addition to Schwarzenegger this movie has the late Phil Hartman, who has some of the best lines and scenes in the film.

Die Hard- Alright its not a Christmas themed film, but Die Hard does take place during Christmas. It tells the story of  a group of terrorists that take over a building in L.A. only to be thwarted by officer John McClane. It has just enough elements of the holidays to make it on to this list, and it always gets me in the Christmas spirit.

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