The Prophecy

Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas and Virginia Madsen star in The Prophecy, which tells the story of Thomas Dagget (Kotaes) and how he gets caught in the center of the second war of heaven while trying to solve a murder case with connections to darker side of religion. As Dagget is looking into this case, the soul of the most evil man on the planet is implanted into a little girl named Mary. The race is on between Dagget who wants to save the girl and destroy the evil soul, and Archangel Gabriel (Walken) who wants to take the soul and destroy Mary in the process.

The films story was really outstanding and interesting even without really knowing that much about religion. It has all the elements of good storytelling with drama, action, good versus evil and most of all it makes you think about the events of the film. It may have a slow start, but it more than makes up for it with the second and third acts which both deliver entertaining and memorable moments.

The acting here is top notch from the entire cast, but the two that really made this movie for me were Koteas and Walken. Koteas was able to convey his characters struggles to the viewer and it got me more invested in the character than I normally would have been. I wanted to see his character succeed in his task of saving this girl and I might not have if the character didn't have such a great actor delivering the performance. Christopher Walken was great as Gabriel. Sure he was essentially being himself, but he doesn't really need to do much else and he is still entertaining with just that.  A notable mention goes to Viggo Mortensen who delivered one of the best performances of Lucifer/ the devil that I have ever seen in a film.

One of the things that I really loved about this movie is that good and evil isn't really as clear as black and white. For instance Eric Stoltz's character Simon isn't shown to be good or bad at first, he does some things to make you believe the character could go either way. It made for a much more interesting group of characters because you have to wait and see what their motivations are, and if they are good or evil.

This was a very enjoyable film for me, and despite its slow pace at first it was very entertaining. It has a great cast of actors who really put forth an effort into their characters and making this film interesting. Take that and add to it an outstanding story and you have a great supernatural horror film with a little dark humor thrown in for good measure.

Verdict: Great film that even people that aren't fans of supernatural horror movies might be able to enjoy.


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