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Netflix Recommendations (March 6th 2014)

Welcome to the first installment of Netflix Recommendations, where I pick movies available on Netflix streaming that I feel are worth watching. Today we have a little of everything from comedy, action, horror and science fiction. In the future I may do some genre specific posts, but for now enjoy these great films!

Comedy: Hit and Run

 Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell star in Hit and Run, which surprisingly went under my radar when it first came out. The films plot centers around Charles Bronson, a man who ignores the fact that he is in witness protection in order to get his Fiance to L.A. for a huge job opportunity. Along the way all hell breaks loose and the chase is on with not only the feds, but also Bronson's old running buddies. It's a fun movie and it was apparent to me that Dax not only had fun making this movie but that it was a labor of love for him. With a great cast and a ton of laughs and action, I'd say this is worth a watch.

Action: Bounty Killer:

Bounty killer …