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Ambushed (2013)

Dolph Lundgren stars in Ambushed, a film that tells the story of a group of drug dealers and the DEA agents trying to take them down. With a great cast also including Vinnie Jones and Randy Couture, this film has some potential. Does it live up to it, or fall short?

Plot Summary: As a veteran DEA operative closes in on an international cocaine-smuggling ring, the case becomes personal when a fellow agent ends up in danger.

The plot itself has its share of interesting points, but it also has more issues. It's a bit messy with the almost constant change of characters the film is focusing on at certain points.I feel as if the film could have done with out the two drug dealers and instead had more focus on the drug kingpin at the center of the ring. It would have given more time to flesh out the DEA agents characters as well as the kingpin's and it would have made you get more invested in the story and care about what happens to the characters. I really feel this would have impro…