Battle of The Damned (2013)

Dolph Lundgren stars in "Battle of The Damned", which tells the story of a group of survivors stranded in a city filled with zombies as they attempt to escape. we live in a time were zombie movies are insanely popular to make, specifically in the direct to video market. Is there anything that really sets this movie apart, or is it just another generic film filed with the undead?

Plot Summary (from IMDB): Following a deadly viral outbreak, private military soldier Max Gatling leads a handful of survivors and a ragtag band of robots against an army of the infected.

The plot, for what it is, was decently entertaining. Sure aside from the addition of robots it follows the zombie movie formula closely with all the stereotyped characters you would expect. It was actually more interesting than most of the movies of the genre that are released. The idea of throwing the robots in really was unique and I feel it made an already good film even better. It has a few twists and turns, one of which I was actually a little surprised by. The story isn't perfect, but it was good enough that it held my interest without getting boring.

The acting is where this film lacks the most in my opinion. Lundgren plays his part well as Max Gatling , a mercenary, which is right up his alley as an action movie vet. Melanie Zanetti was alright as Jude, there were points where she annoyed me, but that's just my opinion. Matt Doran played Reese, who I hated at first but his performance makes the character more likable over time. The rest of the cast includes David Field, Jen Sung, Lydia look and Oda Maria. They ranged from over acting (Field) to dull (Maria)

This film did something unusual for a zombie film which I really liked: it didn't focus on survival. Instead the film was driven more towards action, which was a great choice. Too many zombie movies focus on the survival aspects of the zombie apocalypse, and it gets boring since they do a bad job with it most times. Having more action sets this film apart and makes it more entertaining than the rest of the crowd.

There was one thing that bothered me about this film though, the characters were too generic. Hell, Lundgren's character had one of the most generic sounding names for a mercenary that I have ever heard. Luckily it worked with Dolph, but with another actor I may have found  it hard to take a character named "Max Gatling" seriously. None of the characters really stood out, which is normal for a film like this, but they really had no personality aside from the main trio of characters. This makes it hard to really care when one of them is killed, thus making their deaths almost meaningless.

At a glance you might say this film looks like a mess that should be avoided. I say that really depends on how you answer this question : does the idea of robots kicking zombie ass sound awesome or stupid to you? Personally I loved the idea because it was something different in a genre that I love. Little things like this can spice up a movie and make it more fun to watch, as well as break the normal routine. It's not a perfect film by any means, but I found it to be an entertaining one despite its flaws.

Verdict: Like zombies? Like robots? If the answer is yes then check this out!


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