Sunday, June 29, 2014

Curse of The Dragon Slayer AKA Saga: Curse of The Shadow (2013)

When I saw the cover art for "Curse of The Dragon Slayer", images popped in my head of every generic fantasy B movie I have seen over the years. At a closer look, the plot really didn't sound like it involved dragons at all, which usually is a bad sign considering the title. Despite the potential of wasting time on it, I gave it a watch and I have to say I was actually surprised with how good it turned out to be.

Plot Summary: Medieval knight Keltus and elfin bounty hunter Nemyt trail a sinister secret cult conspiring to unleash the god of the undead from the underworld.

I'll admit the generic sounding plot didn't help stop my initial fears about this movie, but my thoughts changed within the first few minutes of watching. Yes it is still a simple and straightforward story, and yes it has all the cliches you would expect from a fantasy film, but to be honest that's kinda what made it so fun. This film felt like a role playing game come to life and it embraced it and turned a simple by the book fantasy tale into a fun and exciting film.

The acting is hit or miss, but for the most part the actors did a great job of bringing their characters to life. While personally I found Richard McWilliams performance as Keltus felt bland at times,  Danielle Chuchran and Paul D. Hunt as Nemyt and Kullimon impressed me. They made their roles feel more unique and they stand out in a film with so many generic characters. The biggest issue I had was the actors playing the villains, none really stood out to me and just felt like that had no impact or importance in the film, so I didn't really care enough to remember them.

I loved how this film felt like you were watching a Role playing game unfold. It had the epic feeling to it that made it fun to follow each of the steps of the films heroes quest and you actually cared what happened to them. It's something I really feel is missing from most fantasy films these days, as they go the route of having more characters instead of focusing on a smaller number of them and actually making you get invested into them and their stories.

There was really only one thing I disliked about the film, but it didn't really hurt my enjoyment, and that was the generic side characters. They felt like the stereotypical characters you would find in a fantasy setting, but oddly I feel that actually helped the film make the 3 main characters more memorable and stand out that much more.

Overall if you're looking for a big budget blockbuster fantasy film, you can look somewhere else. Curse of The Dragon Slayer however is a well produced film when you consider the budget it had since it was a kickstarter funded project. I can honestly say I had more fun with this film than I did with the recent Hobbit films. So if you're looking for a film that captures the spirit of old Dungeons & Dragons games or just want a fun fantasy film to view, I think Curse of The Dragon Slayer is a very solid choice.

Verdict: An enjoyable fantasy film, well worth the time to view.


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