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Food Fight (2012)

This review started as a challenge I gave to a friend. I asked her to bring me the worst movie she could find , and she came back with this. It's a movie I never heard of and made the mistake of not checking out before saying I'd watch it. Thus began the hour and a half descent into madness...

Plot:  Dex, a superdog sleuth, is the law of the land when the world's most recognized brands take on the forces of evil and the devilish Brand X.

To be perfectly honest, after about 15 minutes of this movie I didn't care what kind of story this film was trying to tell.. There really Isn't much of a story here, it's more like someone got high and walked into a grocery store and thought their hallucinations would make a good movie. There was little or no effort or thought put into this plot and it shows.

What did I hate about this movie? Since I don't want to keep you here too long, I'll limit myself. First the sound quality of the film varies drastically. Some ac…

Netflix Recommendations (July 27th 2014)

Here are some of my picks for whats currently streaming on Netflix.

Magnum P.I. - The TV show that made Tom Selleck a household name back in the early 80's still holds up really well. With an outstanding cast, interesting characters and stories, this show will no doubt entertain any fan of the mystery or action genre. What really makes this show though is Selleck's charm and presence. Many times during the show he'll break the 4th wall and look into the camera and smile, which only adds to the fun of the show.

What About Bob? - This classic from 1991 stars Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss as a patient and his doctor. As Bob gets closer to Dr. Leo Marvin's family, it begins to drive Leo over the edge. That is what makes this film hilarious to me, the fact that a psychiatrist drives himself insane because his patient begins to act normal and befriend his family in the process. It's a film that really showcases Murray and Dreyfuss's acting ability and is more than w…